Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church: Questions - William John Cox

Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church: Questions

By William John Cox

  • Release Date: 2012-08-22
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
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Voters of every political persuasion who are considering voting for Mitt Romney, and who think his religious convictions are benign, must carefully evaluate his religious beliefs to determine for themselves if that is true, and they have every right to do so.Voters, who are becoming increasingly concerned about government intrusion into their lives and the loss of their personal freedoms, must ask themselves whether they want to vote for a president who has spent the last 50 years enthusiastically proselytizing for a secret religion that believes its priests have the sacred right to dictate the health, moral, psychological and financial decisions of its members. Is that a mindset they want in their president?Voters have to honestly ask themselves whether Mitt Romney "shares their religious values" and if not, what those differences will mean to them, their families and their country, should he be elected president.Voters will have choices other than Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in November. The Green Party and the Libertarian Party will both offer worthy candidates on the ballots of every state. Although it is unlikely their candidates will be successful, these candidates provide an opportunity for voters to vote their consciences, rather than their fears.If unsatisfied with all candidates, voters have the power to write in their choice, even if the name is not on the ballot. Protest write-in vote will not be counted, however, is essential that voters demonstrate that the government belongs to the voters who elect it, rather than to those who try to buy elections and hire the People's representatives.If every qualified voter were to cast a vote of conscience, based upon an intelligent and thoughtful consideration of the qualifications of every candidate, the election of 2012 could very well go down in history. Not because of who was elected, but because of the manner in which the People voted.


  • Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church

    By RLTEsq
    An objective analysis would have exposed church doctrine for what it truly is - direction to do good for all. I defy the author to list any doctrine that teaches members to do harm to others. Setting aside any belief in the faith itself, what is wrong with teaching honesty, integrity, charity, etc. and asking that these principles be shared with others? Also, the author's views are obviously skewed against the church. He should ask himself: "Have I done any food in the world today?
  • Quick, easy, fairly accurate

    By scmoas
    This is not exactly objective journalism, and that's OK as long as you know it going in and you're prepared to do a little fact checking. It will take you a very short time to read this, and I recommend that whole you read it, you hunt around for other sources online to confirm or refute what you're reading. The central question of this writing is simply this: can a person be a good Mormon and a good President at the same time. Based on Mormon doctrine, the answer appears to be an emphatic no. This in turn begs the question, which entity would Mitt Romney choose? The text makes a strong case, based on his history, that Mitt Romney will always choose the interests of his church over the interests of the American people. It further argues that the church's interests lie largely in opposition to the interests of the people, and indeed that a takeover of the US government has been an aim of the LDS church ever since its founder, Joseph Smith, formed a massive militia and ran for President himself. I encourage everyone to do research. Read this short book, read some of the Mormon literature, read news articles about the election from many different sources, especially from the foreign press who tend to be less biased, and make up your mind according to the best information you can gather. At this point, having made multiple blunders both at home and abroad and dropping in the polls, it looks like Romney has little chance of being elected in November, but perhaps, if nothing else, a better informed electorate will produce a more decisive result.
  • Not worth opening

    By Kebab839
    You don't need to be a member of the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS to know that this book is full of false information. How do I know that? "Mormon" is spelt wrong and thats not even the official title of our church.
  • Want to know about the Mormons?

    By Rednarsto
    Just ask them they'll gladly tell you about their religion. Don't take the word of some miss guided hater.
  • Grossly Distorted

    By Can't Handle It?
    The author, while not necessarily malicious in his comments about the Mormon church, is sadly misinformed on most points of doctrine that are discussed. Mormon is spelled wrong on the cover for crying out loud. This is a careless, sloppy, and obviously biased "investigation" into the LDS church.