The Doctor Wears a Stetson - Anne Marie Novark

The Doctor Wears a Stetson

By Anne Marie Novark

  • Release Date: 2010-09-23
  • Genre: Contemporary
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Score: 4.5
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AUTHOR'S WARNING: This is the hotter and sexier version of THE DOCTOR WEARS A STETSON. The love scenes are steamier and more graphic. For a sweeter read, check out THE DOCTOR WEARS A STETSON in The Diamondback Ranch SWEETER Series


Jessie Kincaid was fifteen and innocent when Cameron asked her to the prom. She lost her heart that night, but his plans didn't change. He left their small town to pursue his dreams.

Seventeen years later, a trip home leads Cameron McCade back to Salt Fork, Texas and the newly widowed Jessie Devine. Since his return, the fire between them burns as hot as ever. Can they take up where they left off? Can Jessie risk her heart again?


Jessie opened the screen door and turned toward Cameron. This was it, then. The end. Her fairy-tale prom night was over. "Thank you for a wonderful time," she said, holding out her hand, feeling like a fool.

Cameron stared at her hand, then at her. His face was taut, as if he were in pain. His blue eyes burned like jewels. Jessie wondered what was wrong.

Suddenly, he reached out and pulled her to him, arching her slender body into his. "I have to have one more kiss, Jess. One . . . more . . . kiss."

His mouth crushed down on hers. This wasn't an obligatory goodnight kiss, Jessie thought, her heart hammering in her chest. This was a kiss like you read about in novels or watched at the movies. He must feel something for her, or he wouldn't be kissing her like this. How was she going to stand it when he left forever?

Cameron broke the embrace and set her away from him. "Good bye, Jess." He didn't look at her again, didn't turn to wave. He got in his truck and drove away into the night and out of her life.

Seventeen years later . . .

The atmosphere sizzled in the small office. Jessie stood like a statue, her eyes opened wide. "Why did you come back?" Her raspy voice held a note of accusation.

In two long strides, Cameron was beside her. She backed against the file cabinet. He stepped closer.

"You know why I'm back. We need to finish what we started seventeen years ago." He touched a finger to her cheek, traced the smooth line of her jaw, eased his hand behind her neck and pulled her to him. Her trembling intensified and she put her hands on his chest as if to ward him off.

He caught her hands and moved them over his heart. "Feel my heartbeat, Jess. It's beating for you." He pressed his body against hers. "Feel how much I want you. I tried to stay away, but God help me, I couldn't."

His mouth claimed hers in fierce desire. Jessie moaned, holding back only for a second, knowing deep down resistance was hopeless.

She couldn't help it . . . she kissed him back.



    By dlda04jcja
  • Struggled to finish

    By Sierra0321
    Started out great but I found myself becoming annoyed with Jesse towards the middle/end. She was so wishy washy with her feelings and decisions and made decisions without communicating with Cameron about why. Finished the book to finish it, not interested in rest of series.
  • Great western romance

    By JeanTallman
    Great western romance doctor gets the girl and manages to get the mineral rights for his brother.
  • Fun and easy read

    By MomOfTwo2007
    It's a bit cheesy with some of the story lines but it's a quick and easy read. I'm a sucker for western romance novels. I read this in one day. Can't wait to read the rest of the series.
  • Good

    By Missbecky34
    It was a great story
  • Great read

    By Jfrost75
    Loved it
  • Awesome!

    By _moorea_
    I loved this book! The author took a simple town and a real life situation and created a whole new world entirely for her readers!! It was an awesome and perfect book focusing on giving love a second chance!!! Alway give LOVE a second chance!!!!
  • The doctor wears a Stetson

    By Johnsonn2
    I loved love this book. A really good book to read.
  • The Doctor Wears A Anne Marie Novark

    By EvolSvie
    This was a wonderful much emotion came through so clearly, that I cried with happiness, regret, and a sense of oneness with Jessie and Cameron. Thank you for keeping the human feelings in your stories! GB
  • The doctor wears a Stetson

    By Fliah
    This one held my attention all the way thru. Can't wait to read the next one.