The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump - Bandy X. Lee

The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump

By Bandy X. Lee

  • Release Date: 2017-10-03
  • Genre: Political Science
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The New York Times bestseller! More than two dozen psychiatrists and psychologists offer their consensus view that Trump's mental state presents a clear and present danger to our nation and individual well-being.

This is not normal.

Since the start of Donald Trump’s presidential run, one question has quietly but urgently permeated the observations of concerned citizens: What is wrong with him? Constrained by the American Psychiatric Association’s “Goldwater rule,” which inhibits mental health professionals from diagnosing public figures they have not personally examined, many of those qualified to answer this question have shied away from discussing the issue at all. The public has thus been left to wonder whether he is mad, bad, or both.

In THE DANGEROUS CASE OF DONALD TRUMP, twenty-seven psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health experts argue that, in Mr. Trump’s case, their moral and civic “duty to warn” America supersedes professional neutrality. They then explore Trump’s symptoms and potentially relevant diagnoses to find a complex, if also dangerously mad, man.

Philip Zimbardo and Rosemary Sword, for instance, explain Trump’s impulsivity in terms of “unbridled and extreme present hedonism.” Craig Malkin writes on pathological narcissism and politics as a lethal mix. Gail Sheehy, on a lack of trust that exceeds paranoia. Lance Dodes, on sociopathy. Robert Jay Lifton, on the “malignant normality” that can set in everyday life if psychiatrists do not speak up.

His madness is catching, too. From the trauma people have experienced under the Trump administration to the cult-like characteristics of his followers, he has created unprecedented mental health consequences across our nation and beyond.

It’s not all in our heads. It’s in his.

"There will not be a book published this fall more urgent, important, or controversial than The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump...profound, illuminating and discomforting" —Bill Moyers


  • The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.

    By promotelove
    If there is only one book that the American public needs to read during this critical crossroads in our country and on our planet, it is The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. Thank you to Dr Bandy Lee and the other authors for their bravery and integrity ,and the gift of these powerful words that these Mental Health professionals enlightened us with .”Evil flourishes when good people do nothing” Let us unite and work together to support this effort .By the APA gaging these experts , they ignorantly are multiplying the negative erroneous stigmas attached to mental health(the word is mental “health”) that unfortunately are promulgated by their silence and backing the gag rule. They will have to be accountable when they have to stand up and defend the potential horrible impact that their cowardice may have on the future of humankind. Physician do no harm , not do nothing.
  • Good Read

    By LdybgHm
    This is an excellent book! Once I started reading this book I could not put it down. Spot on!
  • Read the book!

    By eyorpg
    All of the negative reviews are posted by Trump fans. They haven’t read the book, they’ve just left reviews (negative). An actual, truthful, review comes from people who have actually bought and read the book. The review process for books needs to be made through purchase only.
  • Spot on book

    By Cool brothers
    This book clearly states what anybody with half a brain has always known, that Drumpf is certifiable. Now if these doctors would diagnose everyone who voted for him as certifiable, we’d be in business!
  • Did you read the book?

    By Thatnine
    Clearly not.
  • Anti-Trump Propaganda

    By miiromo67
    Look, being absorbed with yourself is a trait that, in DC, is not peculiar to Trump. Since none of these physiologists have never actually interviewed Trump, this entire tome reeks of political bias. Obama told reporters to not write about his ears because he was ashamed by them. Who has a big ego?

    By Benjamin K.E.
    One thing I want to emphasize is that this book is not an easy read. It's clear that the authors of this book are highly intelligent individuals who write more in the style of a college textbook rather than an easy-to-read book for the masses. I'm 100% positive that all of the people who left negative reviews for this book didn't even read one single page. iBooks should not allow people to leave reviews unless they actually purchase the book! Whether you like Trump or not, the evidence presented in this volume is indisputable. The authors give empirical evidence with multiple arguments supporting each neuroses of Trump and I was surprised how ridiculously spot on they were (and how much time and research they put in to their arguments). In closing: To yell fake news no matter what outrageous thing Trump does is no different than people blindly believing everything the media says negatively about him.
  • Nothing dangerous about Trump

    By Saint Lane
    Book is a joke
  • Re Seriously?

    By Isaiah Prayer
    What qualifies you to suggest mental illness on the part of the lingo she or PRESIDENT Obama? They never committed treason by conspiring with a foreign power to steal an election. They never engaged in daily compulsive lying. Maybe you should read this serious book written by a trained mental health professional before suggesting there is any FACTUAL basis for such a comparison. Or perhaps you are one of those gullible misogynists who were duped by the lies Russians were purveying exploit your prejudices. Your comment certainly suggests that might be the case. And like the fake president, you present present a baseless conclusion as if it were a proven fact