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  • A Beautiful Terrible Thing

    By speedilyme
    Nothing unusual about this story. A typical relationship ruined by a cheating husband and obsessed wife. Wish I hadn’t purchased.
  • Psychopath and Sociopaths

    By Eliza Wetuski
    Great book! However, speaking as Masters Graduate in Psychology. Psychopaths and Sociopaths are two separate disorders that cannot be used interchangeably. A Psychopath is born, whereas a Sociopath is made. I am not sure which is Marco. More about his upbringing and childhood life would need to be explored in order to determine which disorder he suffers from.
  • Thank you

    By Pippygirl1011
    Great read!!! Thank you
  • This book will not disappoint

    By audaciousreads
    I usually am not one to read a biography but decided to give it a try when I found this book listed in a magazines what to read section. The synopsis pulled me in and the book did not disappoint. When I started reading the book I could not put it down. I felt kind of like Jen trying to put a puzzle together. Figuring out that Marco was not the person he "pretended" to be was very disappointing. Jen thought she was in love only to find out she had given her life to a Sociopath. It shows Jen's struggle with panic attacks and coming to terms with the fact that her husband of 5 years is not the person she thought he was. I was so thankful Jen had her parents there to help her and Louisa. I felt terrible for Louisa because I’m I did not feel she was getting the love that a baby should no matter what you are going through in your life as a parent. I have a 17month old and could not imagine being a "robot" in front of her, doing things out of routine. However I have not been in Jen's situation in also dealing with a Sociopath at the same time so it is really not fair of me to judge. I felt this Memoir did a very god job at explaining the disorder so that anyone could understand. This could be very helpful for anyone who is or is not going through the same situation. Even if you know someone that you suspect is going through this it would be a great Memoir to suggest that they read after you tell them your concerns. Like Jen the person going through this is not going to believe that the person they love is a sociopath. It will take them a lot of time and therapy to work through it and realize the person they love is not who they really think they are but at least having them read this memoir could be a great start to helping them realize that they need help. You never know when the person that's a friend or family member on the "outside" of the relationship may see warning signs that the other person does not. It was sad but so true when Jen tried to analyze "Croella" and why she would be with a married man who had a baby and she realized "she could of been anyone". I think Jen needed to come to this realization so that she did not obsess over Viktorija so much.
  • Sorry

    By I didn't I'm sorry
    I am sorry for what I did
  • Experience

    By expert adrienne
    I lived the horror in this book but i could nevet have written it so well. I couldnt put the book down. I cried and cried. I always wondered if i really loved my baby but now i inderstand it comes slowly and finally fills you up. The love of my childten got me through and out of a fifteen yr marriage filled with infidelity. I am so glad Jen had the courage to write this book. Adriemne
  • Griping Story-everyone can relate

    By jd4real
    I have to say this is an excellent read. At first I was not convinced there was as much substance as I would have liked. The journey begins to make sense, the “before” and “afters” cling together to bring you full circle. We all know someone like Marco. The riddled behavior of a sociopath is often impossible to unravel or make sense of. This book does an excellent job of doing just that ....we can see within the illusions and begin to make some sense of how to avoid or escape from these traumatic relationships. An excellent read! Very happy to hear Jen is moving forward with her career.
  • Just ok

    By Lauer power
    I have to say for memoir it was written well. However, as somebody else said the ending was just blah. I just felt that there was more to tell.
  • Just OK

    By putalittleouzoinyourtank
    Thought this would offer more based on the description, really just a straightforward memoir about a woman's terrible experience with her ex. The story was kind of interesting and I kept reading to see how it ended, but it's like something you would watch on Dr. Phil.
  • Such a great book!

    By Eby312
    Well written, honest, heart wrenching story about love and life and how sometimes the fairy tale turns into a nightmare. But there is a rainbow and some sunshine at the end of it all. I read this book in literally two nights (I have a newborn so sleeping is nonexistent anyway) but I literally could not put it down and was sad when I finished it because I wanted to keep reading! You will not be disappointed with this book. A relatable story told for any woman! But the book!