Who is Hillary Clinton? - Will Clark

Who is Hillary Clinton?

By Will Clark

  • Release Date: 2016-07-02
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
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Hillary Clinton hopes to replace Obama as President of the United States. And, as with Obama, her goals seem very oriented against fulfilling those hopes and dreams of our Founding Fathers. In fact, her plans and ambitions for America seem in total opposition to those rights and opportunities our Founding Fathers planned for us. They planned personal freedom, individual opportunity for success and achievement, and fulfillment of human aspirations. Words from her mouth suggest a different plan for America; a plan that supports Obama’s current agenda. It’s a plan guided by ‘rules for radicals’ as described by Saul Alinsky.

Her words propose an all-powerful central government that would determine and limit personal dreams and aspirations. The plans, rules and laws she propose are to ‘take from the rich and redistribute to the poor.’ To the poor, this plan obviously sounds great. Isn’t it nice to be promised something without any attachments or requirement to earn it? Just relax and enjoy life and let the government do everything for you. Although the parts sound great to many uninspired people; the results are always destructive. The government takes over stronger and stronger until nothing can be done in a nation without the government’s approval or involvement.

These goals of Hillary and Obama are those same goals of Socialists and Communists before them. These regimes, when achieved, never accomplish their proclaimed purpose. Almost always they result in despair, lost aspirations, opportunity destroyed; and often even death. This form of government they wish upon us began in Russia. The result was destruction of a nation and death of millions.

Obama and Hillary charge ahead without warning citizens of these dangers that most often accompany their goals. Those promises of bliss and Heaven more often result is horrors of hell for those Useful Idiots who refuse to comprehend the deceptions.